Maxwell R. Lafontant (b. 1990) is a composer of concert music. Based in Minneapolis, MN, his music has been played both nationally and internationally, including premieres by the Nevada Chamber Orchestra, the Mivos Quartet, Aliro Voices, and the New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble. He’s also played in several rock bands that have had one performance and then broken up, including Ferrofluid, Psuedosynesthesia, and This Robot. His music has been described as “Pithy…whimsical,” “capricious to angsty…and always with charming melodic material,” and “Neoclassical? Is that right?” by his mother.

Maxwell received his B.A. at Luther College under Brooke Joyce and his M.M. at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas under Virko Baley. He lives in a second floor apartment with his wife, Floris, and their one-eyed cat, Henry.