Why should I commission new music?

Music is an ever evolving life form in conversation with its cultural context. By commissioning new pieces, you are contributing to a dialogue that spans to the beginning of human history. Plus it's pretty cool to get to be the first person to play something. And if it takes off? You're in the history books, baby!

Why should I commission Maxwell R. Lafontant?

If you're on this page, you’ve either heard one of his pieces and wanted to take a closer look, or you know him personally. Whatever drew you here, you can get more of it, personalized for you. Plus, you'll get a beautiful score in a timely manner and work with someone who really wants to collaborate and create a shared vision with you.

What can I commission?

Does it have one or more live musicians playing it? You can commission it.

A band piece? Yes.

A choir piece? Yes.

An arrangement of a pop song? Get me the rights for it and we'll do it.

A duet for bagpipes and accordion? Go for it.

A piece for saxophone and electronics? Why not?

Go crazy.

How long will it take?

This will vary depending on how involved the piece is. A ten-minute orchestra piece will probably take longer than a three minute art song. A good general rule is about two months for solo and chamber pieces, six months for large ensemble pieces. If you need something faster, it can probably be arranged.

How much will it cost?

Look, I'm not John Adams. I'm not Jennifer Higdon. Each project will be different depending on the length of the piece and the size of the ensemble, but I'm happy to work with you on what you can afford, or help with grants. We can figure it out together.

How do I get started?